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God Moves in Mysterious Ways

The eyes of the world is on Haiti !   2010 

The eyes of the world was on America/New York  in 2001

It is in times like these that men realize that God is the ruler of Heaven and Earth and that he can bring men together regardless of their differences and he paints the picture of mind over matter,, compassion over haterd, strength over weakness, hope over despair, diglence over derelict, selfishlessness, instead of selfishness, looking forward instead of looking back, praying time instead of party time.

In this and all major castrophes attention is directed to God and his power to heal save, and provide for our individual needs and quill our fears.  It is in times like these that we think about the  same thing or something similar happening in our Country.   

The common denominator in this castrophe everyone is  in need of help  from the Palace to Tent City.

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Murder In The Hallway!

Murder at any location is a tradegy. How painful the thought and the message that a parent must be told of the death of their child.  Equally as painful is the news to the defendant’s parents  of their child’s action.  In Broward County alone we loss three children one was accidental, two were murder.  We as parents bury our dead, but we aren’t able to bury our pain.   Somewhere in this vast gracious and beautiful Country we must stop giving prisoners a home away  from home with little or no accountability for their crimes.  Perhaps we should bring back the Chain Gang.  Human  Rights, and Civil Rights should be a second thought.  What Rights do we as citizens have when it comes to paying for their up keep in, prison,  after they murder our children?

There Are Times

When it seems to be impossible to forgive, but you can do it.  If you were the transgressors you would want/ seek forgiveness and if you are one of those people who could care less if you others forgive you.  Here’s  you Jesus ask  God his, father to forgive the soldiers who  crucified him, and he wasn’t guilty of anything.  What about you?

Why Another Birthday?

Perhaps it is a chance for the young to reach  the point in life to meet the demands of  society,  or a time to begin to make a difference in behavior, goals, associates, above  all a time to Thank God  for all he has done and is doing for you.

Why another Birthday a chance to seek forgiveness from those that you have  wronged, a time for the criminals to confess, a time for Christians to to look forward to a possible Home Going/soul searching.Ro

It Is the Season to Learn

Select your area of learning.

Ask yourself these questions  before you make your choice:

Will my community be better  because of  my skills?

Will I  be a person of repute or just street corner occupant?

Measure your worth by your mind

Cast your stones in a pond and watch the ripples spread over the pond.



Cry It is Appropriate

There are times when tears are appropriate for males and females.   Jesus is a man,  human and Divine and He  wept ( John 11:35 )  When individuals hide their tears  they express their grief in other gestures/ways.


Always be yourself hold fast to your values

Establish high morals

Love unconditionally

Guard your speech

These points  will help you make  your journey with little regrets.