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Cry It is Appropriate

There are times when tears are appropriate for males and females.   Jesus is a man,  human and Divine and He  wept ( John 11:35 )  When individuals hide their tears  they express their grief in other gestures/ways.


Always be yourself hold fast to your values

Establish high morals

Love unconditionally

Guard your speech

These points  will help you make  your journey with little regrets.


In a sad happy perspective I recall  being left alone to make adult decisions as a child,care for siblings search food in the sawdust ,behind the grocery, work in the fields and turn my day’s work over to my mom when I entered the door.

I adjusted the rear view window and I am happy to be able to go back to school after failed marriage and four children.  The Lord has brought me to thru many valleys and he has led me  thru and my struggles.   I am blessed to be able to look backward at the emotional abandonment and praise God for his  Mercy and his Grace.  The Rear View will  serve as a reminder of where I came from, but serve to remind of the Great God I serve.

Series # 3 in the Tribute to Gospel Ministers of the Churches of Christ.

To those brothers who have live their lives in accordance with what the preach you are a BLESSING to this Country.   You might not be listed in pages of the rich and famous but you are listed in the book of books.  WHAT A BLESSING,WHAT A BLESSING!

Bro. Willie James Cheeley   5-12-2013    ” A Giant In The Land.”  ; Bro. Harper  10-21-85  ”   Hope The Anchor of The Soul.” ;  Bro. O.L. Lamar 3-9-91  ” There Is Corn In Egypt.”  ;  Bro. Stephens ( N.C. ) 4-21-94  ” Who Told You?” ; Bro Ray Gosier  7-18-93 ” When Brethren Kill Brethren.”  ; Bro. Darryl Beasley     ” We Shall Cross The Mighty Jordan.”  Bro. Charles Moore 8-15-93 ” Are You Standing In Your Place?” ; Bro. Banks 2-13-83  ” Put Those Rocks Down.”  ; Bro Reginald  Dulin 3-3-94 At Home In a Strange Land.” ; Dr. Ben Roberts  ” When Supper Is Over.”  ;  Bro. Daniel Rush 1-25-09  ” I Stand Accused As A Christian.” ; Bro. Wright  4-14,2013  ” The Fruit That Is Never Out Of Season.” ; Bro. Cecil Herndon 7-21-2013  ” Then Came Jesus.”  ; Bro. Charlie McClendon  ; Bro.  Gatson    4-8-01     ” Let’s Make Some Noise.” ;  Dr. Backus 4-10-95 ” Master The Tempest Is Raging.”  ; Bro Nixon 4-7-98  “It Is Finished.”  ; Bro. Rod Myers   8-13-95     ” All Together But Not Together.” ; Bro. Norris Bloodsaw 2-11-96  ” I Am Not  Ashamed Of The Gospel.”

Don’t Let the Verdict Define You

There are times in our life that let our pain and emotions direct our steps.  Yes it hurts to lose a child to the recklessness of others many times the pain is unbearable, but Jesus was murdered because he proclaim his nationality, Jew, and as he dropped his head in the locks of his shoulders he said ” Father forgive them.”   To those who feel that justice wasn’t done God is still in charge. Mental flashbacks, visible recounts, and the human clutch of that last hour will live on in the mind of the defendant.   SEE   FAMAAS. Org  and realize that I have and still do stand in moccasins of a mother’s pain.

Celebrate Your World

” Self preservation is the first law of nature.” Conficus


Blow bubbles

Go back to the things that you were taught in Kindergarten:

Share your lunch and the things that make your friends laugh

Forgive the person who cut in front you at the super Market and on I-95.

Wait your turn in line

Share  the activities of your day with your mate,parents,and friends.

Sing Jesus Love me

Start your day with a conversation with God

Watch the graceful movement of the tree branches as the wind pass by.

This Blog Is A Tribute to Mothers

To those women who have have endured the pain

of giving birth and to the unselfish women who stepped into the arena of motherhood.  I say God has blessed us with the highest  ordination that a woman can ever receive.  Look what you have accomplished in your life time without a manual. You sharpen the tools of waiting and wisdom, you have listen to critical comments,heard doors slam in rebellion to your advise, ytaught