Seasonal Attitudes


Peace on Earth, Joy to the World, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza or bad humbug.  Your salutation will not change the purpose of the celebration.

The honor that man has undertaken to show respect to Christ is not and will not be tainted or destroyed by negative words efforts or thoughts.  Take down the nativity scenes from the front of the buildings, but it will not change the words HE LIVES HE LIVES JESUS LIVES TODAY, and you know he lives because you are a benefactor of his grace



Do Youself A Favor

Love youself enough to:

Read God’s word and follow it’s instructions

Pray for those that despitefully use you

Eat well, sleep 6-8 hours

You are one of a kind,even you are a twin you have differences

Clothing Designers make clothes to make money

Every garment that is made is not necessarily your style

Looking for a mate is honorable,but Proverbs 31 portrays a

man looking for wife.

Love you!Purple Tulips



I have heard this clique most of my life.  ” If at first you don’t succeed ” Try _ Try again”  I have adopted this thought and I am still trying to perfect  my skills in making this Website appealing.  Now I need your input.  Please let me hear from you if you have ideas of what I have written, the Posts I have written came from my mind as I typed them.


I am the author of the Posts.               250px-OrangeBloss_wb



Today is A Blessing

Today is a Blessing because the sun rose, the wind blew, your neighbor was still there, your children were alive and well, your faith in God was displayed by  some of the things you did .  If God sent the death angel to reclaim his creation  a child, a friend, parent spouse or you awaken to pain, past due bills.  Remember it could have been worst.  It is well with you, because you are still alive that is proof that TODAY IS A BLESSING.