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God Moves in Mysterious Ways

The eyes of the world is on Haiti !   2010 

The eyes of the world was on America/New York  in 2001

It is in times like these that men realize that God is the ruler of Heaven and Earth and that he can bring men together regardless of their differences and he paints the picture of mind over matter,, compassion over haterd, strength over weakness, hope over despair, diglence over derelict, selfishlessness, instead of selfishness, looking forward instead of looking back, praying time instead of party time.

In this and all major castrophes attention is directed to God and his power to heal save, and provide for our individual needs and quill our fears.  It is in times like these that we think about the  same thing or something similar happening in our Country.   

The common denominator in this castrophe everyone is  in need of help  from the Palace to Tent City.