The Woes of 2008 Election

 What a time in our History!   We have encountered every tactic of assault on the human character that was designed to demean, and destory the standards of a man, woman or system. We must remember that God is in control!  God allows the rain to fall on the just as well as the unjust.  Any doubt about who is going to move into the White House must of a certainty that it will be God’s Plan for America.  The joy of being and American is to put our trust in God and to look to him for guidance.  Let us look again at the Statue Of Liberty and hold to invitation she has extended to immigrants  over the past one hundred or more years. Now that we are fast approaching a presidental election our respect for each other appears to be predicated upon  matters related to gender, race, and hate.  Let us build a perputual bond of moving forward toward a common goal that will foster a new sense of purpose for  the good of all people.

These are the words that make sense to me:

The sunrises in the east to warm us all no matter how great or how small

THE rain gives birth to seeds and refreshes us all

The earth is our to share until Jesus calls

The hope of tomorrow, the dreams of today are all measured in what we do or say.

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